Bowhunters Supply Store Scores 4/19

Thanks to everyone that came out and endured the light rain with us today!
We had a total of 57 shooters! We had a great time with great fellowship.
The Bowhunters Supply Store crew looks forward to seeing you all again at our next shoot on May 10th!

Open Money
Michael Barnes 167

Known 45
John Niekell 208
Charles Hunt 204
Gary Manning 200
Tony Carroll 198
David Carney JR 198
Chad Bolding 194
Chris Driver NC

Open Trophy
Jim Gardner 190

Jeff Gunells 202
Carter Woodall 193
Trepe Jawoski 188
Josh Gladney 169

Women’s Hunter
Stephanie Kessler 191
Kim Parrott 188
Christy Manning 159

Bow Novice

Christopher Jones 181
Lily Manning 155
Hunter Cauthen 145

Sr. Eagle
Chaz Chambliss 181
Taylor Hulsey 178

Jonathan Barnes 45

Jr. Eagle
Mathew Bolding 158

Traditional Trophy
Tony Marcellino 163
Jason Merrill 151
Aaron Seabolt 116
Peyton Merrill 87

George Plemmons
James Grizzard
Colin Waterson
Chris Powers
Hunter Powers
Lamar Pettit
R.E. Smith
John Champion
Charlie Chambliss
Chuck Bolding
Kevin Hawk
James Hawk
Mike Kessler
David Pressley 191
Donnie Hurst 182
Jill Pipkin
Dawson Wainright 189
R.C. Shoemake 200
David Carney 198
Stacey Cauthen
Dixie Cauthen 184
Bill Snellgrove 142
Chuck Cauthen
Lee Hulsey 200
Stacy Hulsey 208
Jacob McDaniel 142
Kyle Devore
Slaton Crider
Andrew Barwick
Sara Crider

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