Hoyt Ignite Sale

Hoyt Ignite Sale – In Store Only, now through June, 2016
Regular price: $399 – Sale Price: $325

Just like a big buck adapts to his conditions, the Hoyt Ignite adapts to you. Ignite lets you stretch your bowhunting budget without compromising on performance and durability. With ultimate draw length and draw weight adjustment and proven Hoyt technologies, this is Hoyt’s most versatile bow yet.


We are located at:
1385 E Hwy 166
Bowdon, GA 30108

BLOB Targets Have Arrived!

Come by the store and check out the BLOB Target, only $75!

For the truly hardcore shooter, this BLOB is made from the most dense foam on the planet! This BLOB can be trimmed/stacked for use on indoor archery ranges and has proven itself time and again on both indoor and outdoor ranges. Arrow pull can be tough at first, but with time, use, and weathering, it will only get better and the target will continue to last and last.