3D Shoots – July 26 – 27, 2014

Don’t forget, there will be two 3D Shoots this upcoming weekend:

Saturday, July 26th
Sweetwater Archery Club
7201 Cedar Mountain Road
Winston, Ga. 30187
(Across from the Douglasville Animal Shelter and the Douglasville Landfill)
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Sunday, July 27th
River Bottom Outdoors
15475 GA. Hwy 34
Franklin, GA 30217
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Go out, shoot some foam and enjoy!

July 19th 3D Shoot Scores

A big thanks to those who came out and shot with us, despite the weather! We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. We hope to see you all on August 16th! Don’t forget, River Bottom Outdoors has a shoot next Sunday.

Open Money
Narvie Nowling 204
Scott Parrot 174

Open Trophy
Jamie Davis 163

Senior Money

Rusty Allison 194
Josh Gladney 164

Women’s Hunter
Janice Davis 151

Bow Novice
Bradley Horton 187
Dale Horton 174
Levi Noles 162

Madison Allison 196
Chris Jones 185

Sr. Eagle
Taylor Hulsey 181
Joseph Nieto 178


Jr. Eagle
Will Anderson 167

Known 45
Robbie Lark 198
Charles Hunt 192
Glenn Whitney 168

RC Shoemake 208
David Brown 199
Patrick Sheets 193
Gary Manning 191
Rick Morris 173
Joseph Kee 165
Jimbo Mcpherson 164
Christy Manning 162
Scott Morris 140
Holley Sullivan 124
Buddy Allison
Chuck Bolding
Dawson Wainsight
Todd Jones
Chris Powers
James Grizzard
Josh Stapler
Katie Morgan
Jared Stapler
Quinn Robinson
TC Hester
Jared Bell
Kyle Devore
Andrew Barwick

Bowhunters Supply Store 3D Shoot – 7/19/14


Don’t miss our 3D Shoot this Saturday, July 19th. Come out to Bowhunters Supply Store and enjoy shooting some foam with all of your friends and family!
We hope to see you there!

When: Saturday 7-19-2014
Time: Sign in from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (EST)

(As long as you have payed and going to the first target by 3:00 you can shoot.)

Bowhunters Supply Store
1385 East Highway 166
Bowdon, GA 30108

(Please call the Shop at 770-834-3044 with any questions.)

Axcel Achieve Compound Sight Product Review

Chris Powers presents the Axcel Achieve Compound Sight.

The Achieve CX is an all new Axcel™ tournament sight with added features, designed specifically for compound bows.
It is constructed of aircraft aluminum and features an all new superior “Windage Dovetail Guide System”,
replaces inferior twin-dowel guide systems. Also features the all new “VTS” (Variable Tension System),
providing a new adjustment where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting.
Extension bar available with the Mathews® Harmonic Damper. The CX provides 2.875” of elevation adjustment.

Click here to order.

TruGlo Downdraft Arrow Rest Product Review

Chris Powers presents the TruGlo Downdraft Arrow Rest.

Full containment drop away arrow rest with quick and easy installation—no bow press required. Lightweight all-metal construction with a high-strength stainless steel launcher arm for long-term durability. Sealed bushings increase downward speed at launch. Attaches to downward moving buss cable for no unwanted bounce back when firing. Technical rubber dampeners silence arrow loading; maximum vane clearance; full windage and elevation adjustments; laser engraved reference marks. Will fit all carbon and aluminum arrows.

Click here to order.

Sure Loc Lethal Weapon w/Retina Lock 6″ 5 pin Product Review

Kyle Devore presents the Sure Loc Lethal Weapon with Retina Lock, 5 pin.

The Lethal Weapon gives you multi-axis adjustability and revolutionary Retina Lock Technology*!
Retina Lock* is an alignment that, at a glance, assures you are perfectly aligned and not torquing your bow. Before each shot, you simply center the static black dot in the middle of the floating green field.

Proven to extend your effective range
Centering the dot, assures proper alignment. By identifying bow torque or misalignment, Retina Lock* will dramatically extend your effective shooting range!
*Retina Lock Technology licensed from IQ Bowsight.

Click here to order.

Clean Shot Nock Out Lighted Nock | Product Review

Slaton Crider Presents the Clean Shot Nock Out Lighted Nock

As an archer, you understand that consistent weight on both the front and back of your arrow is important. When you switch between a regular nock and a heavier lighted nock, you change this weight ratio and that means you’re not practicing effectively. And, as a cost conscious consumer, you probably don’t want to use an expensive lighted nock all the time – especially in bright sunlight when you can’t see the LED anyway. The NOCK OUT® is the only lighted nock that allows you to mechanically deactivate the LED. Imagine if you never had to switch between a lighted nock and a regular nock again.

Click here to order.