2016 Pro Staff Needed

The 2016 Archery Tournament Season is quickly approaching. I know most of you, including me, are heavy into hunting mode, but the time has come for Bowhunters Supply Store to start accepting applications for our 2016 Pro Staff. We are looking to build off the success of our 2015 staff. We had a fantastic group of individuals and they have all been invited back to return for the 2016 season.

For 2016, we are seeking to double the size of our staff so we can reach a larger target audience. We are looking for motivated individuals from all over the country that love the sport of archery and staffers that will promote the products we sell in a positive environment. We firmly believe there is no better advertisement for us and our manufacturers than having our staffers out in communities promoting the sport and our online store.

When we use the term “Pro Staff” we consider the pro to stand for promotional. Let’s face it, most of us are not pro archers and we never will be. We understand that all too well, but we also know the power of “word of mouth”. That is why we are looking for staffers with great personalities who are willing to share the great news about archery and Bowhunters Supply Store.

If you feel you are that kind of person, then please submit a short bio with all your information and your reasons for wanting to be part of our staff.

All applicants need to be submitted to: chad@bowhunterssupplystore.com and must include Name, Address, Cell phone # and current equipment you are using. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.

Thanks and Happy Hunting,