Congratulations To Makenna Smith

Congratulations To Makenna Smith for her first Bow Kill on opening day!

Congratulations To Kaylee Devore

Opening weekend bring lots of excitement to my house, but this year It was a bit more special.

My daughter Kaylee got to go on her very first hunt this year where she was the hunter not the observer.

Kaylee and I spent every moment possible preparing for her opportunity at a deer. We would shoot the crossbow every evening possible to increase her accuracy and experience for her chance at a deer!

Opening weekend, we settled into our blind overlooking a giant white oak dropping acorns like rain, tons of deer sign all around, I knew the deer frequented this spot often. It wasn’t even an hour and a half before this ol’ nanny doe stepped into our shooting lane, right after the moment Kaylee mumbled, “Daddy, we are never going to see a Deer”.

It took several minutes for the Doe to finally turn to present a shot to Kaylee. That luckily gave us both enough time to settle down and stop shaking so bad!

The doe turned to walk away and I let out a “meh” to get the doe to turn, and Kaylee pulled the trigger!!

As I saw the lighted nock on the Rage Hypodermic tipped bolt disappear into the doe, I know it would be a short tracking job!

I’m so proud of my daughter for what she has accomplished at such an early age, she was very excited to get her hands on this doe. She said she couldn’t wait to feed our family!

(Kyle Devore)