Two of our Young Shooters – Vegas Experience

We arrived at South Point Thursday for the Vegas Shoot along with 2800 other contestants from around the world. The entire resort was all things archery. Kristen and Kaeley both practiced Friday night shooting 10 rounds each and excited about Saturday’s match.

Kristen was nervous as the competition started but after the first couple shots, she found her spot and was in her groove. She recognized some people from other shoots and started to smile and relax. Kaeley is a free spirit and just wants to shoot. She was there to have fun and do what she loves. She didn’t know anyone she was shooting with but quickly made friends.
Kaeley shooting youth rounded out her first day coming in 16th with some stiff competition. Kristen was shooting young adult and at the end of the first day, some of her competitors were in the high 290’s.

After having dinner surrounded by Pros, they wanted to practice a little and then rest for day 2. The practice turned into 10 ends of side by side competition between 2 sisters. The practice range was packed but as far as they were concerned, it was just the 2 of them. They wanted to go again until Dad reminded them about rest and waking up at 6am the next morning.

Saturday started more relaxed with both girls smiling as they joined their new friends on the line. The smiles disappeared when the whistle blew and competition began.
Neither of the girls ended up placing but had an awesome experience.
The 5 hour drive home was constant chatter about the shoot.  Usually one or both at least place if not win. They were both humbled and challenged by this shoot. Both are “practicing ” in the back yard and now focused on their next shoot at Tulare in 2 weeks.

“Practicing” consists of smack talk and harsh competition with the low score picking up the others chores. Works for me!

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