End of the Year 3D Extreme Hunting Shoot Scores

Well this 3D season has been very fun! We enjoyed spending time with you all. From all of us here at Bowhunters Supply Store, we wish everyone a very safe and successful deer season! Cant wait to start the shoots again in January 2015!!

Women’s Hunter
Janice Davis 128
Holley Sullivan 108

Jr. Eagle
Clay Baker
Keenan Mulkey

Pro Hunter
Sean Simmons 180
David Brown 176
R.C. Shoemake 174
Ethan Patterson 173
Chad Bolding 163
Stacy Cauthen 153

Rip Steele
Wesley Mulkey
Ronald Hannon
Andrew Head
Tony Head
Chuck Bolding
Kaleb Barton
Jason Pollard
Will Carden
TC Hester
Bradley Teague
Dereck Wilson
Chuck Cauthen
Hunter Cauthen
Janna Cauthen
Mitchell Bailey
Jordon Loveless
Matt Braswell
Jamie Robinson
Ken Gary
Diana Gary
Shane Harpe
Abby Green
Glenn Whitney
Dan Patterson
Doug Cunningham
Josh Herren
Kim Parrott
Melinda Hawk
John Kerkeslager
Gary Manning
Mike Meden
David Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham
Kyle Devore
Andrew Barwick

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