August 16, 2014 3D Shoot Scores

Thanks to all that came out and shot with us today! I want to say a special THANK YOU to Jim Robinson, R.C. Shoemake, and Josh Gladney for setting a great course! Hope everyone had a great time and hope to see you all at the hunting extreme shoot on August 30th.
Open Money
Scott Parrott 198

Open Trophy
Jim Gardner 172

Senior Money

Rusty Allison 192
Mike Curtis

Women’s Hunter
Kim Parrot 196
Janice Davis 179
Holley Sullivan 140

Bow Novice
Charlie Johnson 204
Doug Ludwig 178
Bradley Horton 168

Madison Allison 181
Chris Jones 179
Emma Sullivan 150

Sr. Eagle


Jr. Eagle
Keenan Mulkey 165
Trey Gardner 152
Kaden Sullivan

Known 45
Ken Patterson 188
Robbie Lark 185
Jared Parmer 184

R.C. Shoemake 206
Melinda Hawk 204
Kevin Hawk 194
Joseph Kee 194
Charles Barron 192
Buddy Allison 188
Matt Jennings 185
Josh Gladney 180
James Hawk 179
Drew Norton 161
Nathan Smith 159
TC Hester 158
Keith Karr 149
Joey Morgan 131
Ken Smith 108
Jeff Gunnells
Nick Gunnells
Buck Norton
Cleve Hendrix
Gerald Hendrix
Dale Horton
David Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham
Randy McCoy
John Wells
Wesley Mulkey
Todd Jones
Jeffery Swanner
Glenn Whitney
David Carney Sr.
David Carney Jr.
Tina Griffin
Rip Steele
Chris Driver
Lacey Driver
Sara Driver
Dawson Wainright
Kyle Devore

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