July 19th 3D Shoot Scores

A big thanks to those who came out and shot with us, despite the weather! We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. We hope to see you all on August 16th! Don’t forget, River Bottom Outdoors has a shoot next Sunday.

Open Money
Narvie Nowling 204
Scott Parrot 174

Open Trophy
Jamie Davis 163

Senior Money

Rusty Allison 194
Josh Gladney 164

Women’s Hunter
Janice Davis 151

Bow Novice
Bradley Horton 187
Dale Horton 174
Levi Noles 162

Madison Allison 196
Chris Jones 185

Sr. Eagle
Taylor Hulsey 181
Joseph Nieto 178


Jr. Eagle
Will Anderson 167

Known 45
Robbie Lark 198
Charles Hunt 192
Glenn Whitney 168

RC Shoemake 208
David Brown 199
Patrick Sheets 193
Gary Manning 191
Rick Morris 173
Joseph Kee 165
Jimbo Mcpherson 164
Christy Manning 162
Scott Morris 140
Holley Sullivan 124
Buddy Allison
Chuck Bolding
Dawson Wainsight
Todd Jones
Chris Powers
James Grizzard
Josh Stapler
Katie Morgan
Jared Stapler
Quinn Robinson
TC Hester
Jared Bell
Kyle Devore
Andrew Barwick

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