June 14th 3D Shoot Scores

Thanks to all that came out to the shoot today! We all had a great time! We had a total of 68 shooters! Hope to see you all on July 19th.

Class Score 12’s
Open Money
Scott Parrot 198
Chuck Bolding
Open Trophy
Senior Money
Barry Henderson 193
R.C. Shoemake
Logan Wilson 204
Rusty Allison 191
Lee Hulsey 191
Chuck Cauthen 177
Buddy Allison
Women’s Hunter
Heather Freeman 182
Stacy Hulsey 174
Janice Ribinson 152
Christy Manning 100
Cindy Bell Hulsey
Bow Novice
David Arnett 173
Jeffrey Walker
Chris Jones 181
Hunter Cauthen 153
Taylor Arnett 128
Lilly Manning 100
Sr. Eagle
Chaz Chambliss 194
McKenzie Smith 191
Joseph Nieto 177
Taylor Hulsey 148
Mallorie Calquitt 112
Chase Arnett 142
Colin Escobedo 137
Brantley Calquitt 117
Jr. Eagle
Brooklyn Hulsey 152
Logan Taylor 149
Lillian Calquitt 78
Known 45
James Taylor 214
John Nickell 210
Charles Hunt 204
David Carney Jr. 196
Gary Manning 170
Tony Robinson 151
Sam Smith 203
Andrew Barwick 200
Taylor Davis 197
Gary Manning 197
Justin Davis 183
Mike Meder 161
Rick Morris 143
Scott Morris 124
James Grizzard
George Plemmons
John Wells
Jim Robinson
Dalton Rutledge
Bill Snellgrove
Drake Snellgrove
Richard Sawyer
Jeri Arrington
Jase Waterson
Mitchell Bailey
Jordon Loveless
Todd Jones
Anthony Escobedo
Tricia Escobedo
Ken Patterson
Johnny Fink
C Powers
David Carney Sr.
Chandler Entrekin
Dillon Goolsby
Kyle Devore
Slaton Crider

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