Being An Archer

Andrew Barwick

Hello, my name is Andrew Barwick. I started at Bowhunters Supply Store when my wife and I relocated November 2013 from Jacksonville, Florida. Being an avid bowhunter my whole life, it’s amazing to find a career I am so passionate about. I mean hey, I get to tune bows and help fellow archers get the products they need, all while getting paid for it!! My passion for archery started when I was out hunting with my dad fresh out of diapers. I still do a countdown until deer season every year, there’s just something about watching the woods wake up waiting on “ole split toe” to step out. I got my first bow when I was 8, it was a Browning. In Jacksonville, I became a member of Fort Caroline Archery Club. Being a member of this club really helped develop me into the archer that I am today. A year after becoming a member of the club, I was elected to be the range official for FCA, which included setting up challenging courses for our weekly events. Leaving FCA club and the lifelong friends that I met was the hardest part about moving to Georgia, but everything happens for a reason! I am excited to see where my career at Bowhunters Supply Store takes me!

Being An Archer

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